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There are just over 201,000 dentists in the United States. And if you’re looking for a new one, how do you find the right one? Even if you’re narrowing your search in Lakewood, CO, it can still be a frustrating and difficult experience to find the right dentist for you or your family.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss what to look for in a dentist and what skills they should have to keep your mouth and the mouths of your family healthy.

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A Good Dentist Knows You May Have Dental Anxiety

Fear of the dentist is pervasive. It is so common that it can put some people off of seeing a dentist. It is understandable why it can be scary for some people: dental work can be uncomfortable and expensive. However, it is important that the dentist you see is aware of your anxiety and can give you steps to help reduce it during your visit.

A good dentist won’t shame you for being afraid of the dentist but will instead talk you through the procedures, so you know what’s happening.

Sometimes, if you let your dentist know ahead of time that you are fearful, they can work with you and even make accommodations.

They Educate You On Your Procedure

You likely have no idea about most dental procedures. Why would you? You’re not a dentist! But your dentist, of course, knows the ins and outs of them and performs them several times a week, at least.

A good dentist will tell you exactly what they’re planning to do when it comes to any procedure so that you’re not unclear on what is happening. They may even use diagrams or models to help you understand. They will also listen to your questions and concerns without judgment.

They Allow You to Make Final Decisions on Your Health

A great dentist will give you several options when it comes to your oral health. They will lay out all of the options you have to fix a current problem and will give you the pros and cons of all of them. While they may recommend one procedure over the other, it is always up to you to make the final choice. This should always be respected.

They Have Warm and Caring Staff

While seeing the dentist may be the main event, you also see several other staff members most of the time you visit the dentist. If you’re there for a cleaning or checkup, you may even spend more time with the hygienist than you do with the dentist themselves.

As such, a great dentist should have a caring and friendly staff that respect you and any fears you may have about dentistry. They should always be kind and patient, as well as friendly and welcoming.

If you have dental anxiety or are having intensive work done, seeing a friendly face beforehand can make all of the difference.

They Have Experience with Children

Children need to see a dentist from the time they have their very first tooth. Additionally, children may also be more difficult to treat, as they also often have fears of the dentist that may be exaggerated or not rooted in reality. It is important when choosing a dentist for your family that you choose someone with experience with family dentistry.

You want your children to feel comfortable when they get in the dental chair. While you may not fully achieve that, the dentist should make them feel welcome and at ease enough to conduct an exam or any other procedures.

They Have a Specialist Team In House

If you need to get a root canal or braces, you sometimes have to go to a separate practice altogether. These practices can be people your dentist recommends, or they can be completely new entirely. In those cases, you may find that you don’t hit it off with them, or you don’t like the way they operate.

A good dentist will have a specialist team in-house. This will allow you to feel as though you’re in good hands if you have more extensive work. It also takes the pressure off of having to look for someone on your own or having to ask for recommendations. You have someone your dentist trusts right there.


Finding a Dentist Near Me in Lakewood

Finding the perfect dentist for you is a lot more complex than typing in “dentist near me in Lakewood.” While that can give you some idea of who is around the area, it can’t necessarily give you a feel for their specialties or if they’re a good dentist or not. Instead, you have to play a bit of roulette.

However, Fermelia Dental meets all of the requirements listed above and can help keep your teeth and your family’s teeth in great shape. After all, teeth are essential for the health of your entire body.

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