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About 13% of children in the US have untreated dental caries. Kids aren’t the only ones who need check-ups, though! In fact, almost 26% of adults have untreated dental caries, too.

Meanwhile, 86% of children, compared to 65% of adults, have visited the dentist in the past year.

Don’t miss your check-ups! Instead, consider finding a family dentist in Lakewood. By visiting a family dentist, you can make sure everyone gets the care they need.

On the fence? Here are six reasons to start searching for a “Lakewood dentist near me.” Looking into family dentistry could save you valuable time and stress.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of Lakewood family dental care! 

1. Ease and Convenience

Whether you have a large family or only one kid, taking everyone to individual dental appointments can take time out of your day. You’ll need to coordinate school and work schedules to make it work. If you have more than one child, different appointments on different days can become a hassle.

Instead of scheduling separate appointments, find a family dentist you can rely on. Your Lakewood family dentist will work with you for easy scheduling. 

Instead of separate appointments, you can set one appointment for the entire family.

Having your entire family visit the same dentist can put ease and convenience back into your life. You won’t have to waste time scheduling multiple appointments throughout the week. Instead, you can save time (and gas) by making one family trip to the dentist.

At the same time, you won’t have to worry about taking the kids out of school individually. 

Looking into a “Lakewood dentist near me” could put more ease into your routine. 

2. Form Lasting Relationships

Many parents love family dentistry because they give parents and kids the chance to form lasting relationships with their dentists. Your child can grow up, go to college, and keep their dentist as an adult. Forming these lasting relationships can ensure your family has a dentist you can trust.

Otherwise, your child might not feel comfortable discussing certain symptoms with a stranger. Neglecting to talk to the dentist about oral health symptoms could cause problems.

Your dentist might not detect an oral health issue until it’s too late.

Instead, help your child form a relationship with a dentist they can trust.

You and your child will feel better knowing your dentist has your best interests and health in mind. Having the same dentist over decades will ensure someone knows your family’s history. Your dentist will track allergies, surgeries, and sensitivities throughout your family.

They consider the past dental diseases your family had, too. If one person has a genetic condition, a family dentist will know how to care for your entire family. They’ll track your symptoms between appointments to ensure you receive the proper care. 

Forging a lasting relationship with your family dentist could prove beneficial for your entire family. 

3. Avoid Dental Anxiety

About 9% of children have dental anxiety. If your child is afraid of going to the dentist, it’s okay. Choosing family dentistry could help.

In fact, dental phobia affects adults, too. If your child is afraid now, they could maintain that fear into adulthood. It’s important to find a dentist Lakewood residents rely on.

Finding the right dentist can help your child grow more comfortable. Your child will see their siblings and parents complete their appointments without any problems. Younger children tend to mimic the older people around them.

In time, your child will grow more confident and feel comfortable enough for their check-up. They can grow out of their dental anxiety to get the care they need.

If your child doesn’t grow out of their anxiety, however, they could avoid appointments as adults. Your dentist might not catch their oral health issues like cavities or gingivitis right away. If that’s the case, your child will need expensive, intensive treatments to remedy the issue.

If you have a child with dental anxiety, look for a Lakewood family dental practice. Talk to your dentist about how they can help your child overcome their fears.  

4. Prevent Tooth Decay and Gingivitis

Visiting the dentist regularly is important if you want to keep your family’s teeth healthy and cavity-free. Appointments twice a year allow your dentist to catch signs of tooth decay. They can remove plaque from your family’s teeth before the bacteria can spread.

Otherwise, decay can cause discomfort, pain, and tooth loss. Your child might develop gingivitis, too.

Gingivitis is a gum disease that can cause red, swollen, or bleeding gums. It’s important to detect gum disease right away. Otherwise, gingivitis can develop into periodontitis.

If your child develops periodontitis, they could lose their teeth.

Instead, make sure to keep up with regular appointments for the entire family. 

5. Improve Your Family’s Smiles

Do you have a family picture coming up? You’ll want to make sure your family’s smiles look their best. Make sure to schedule an appointment at your Lakewood family dental office.

With regular cleanings, your family can avoid discolored or yellow teeth. You can even schedule tooth whitening to brighten everyone’s smiles.

Your dentist will also make sure your family isn’t making mistakes with your oral health routine. Instead, your family dentist can provide advice and solutions before small problems become big ones.

For example, they could recognize you’re using the wrong toothpaste. Maybe your kids would benefit from fluoride treatments to protect their enamel.

Speaking with a dentist can help you find the best solutions for the entire family.

6. The Right Services

Scheduling regular appointments will ensure your dentist catches any health issues before they develop. Make sure to look for a Lakewood family dental practice that offers the services you need.

For example, do they offer emergency services? What if your child is in a sporting accident and loses their tooth?

Does your child need orthodontics, such as braces or Invisalign? 

Having a dentist who offers the services you need can give you peace of mind.

Bright Smiles for the Whole Family: 6 Reasons to Find a Family Dentist

Want to improve your entire family’s smiles? Get everyone grinning ear to ear with a great family dentist! Now that you know the benefits of family dentistry, you can schedule an appointment right away.

Want to discuss your family’s oral health? We’re here to help. 

Contact us today to get started.