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Finding a new dentist is stressful. Whether your old family dentist has retired, you’ve recently added children to your family, or you’re new to Lakewood, Colorado, you need to find someone new to take care of your teeth, and fast!

But how can you narrow down your options so you can find the family dentist for you? You need the dentist to be a great pediatric dentist while still being able to handle complex adult issues. 

This is a variety of different skill sets. Can one dentist’s office offer them all? 

We think so. Keep reading to learn what services you should be looking for so you can find your family dentist today.

1. Family-Friendly Dentistry

Not all dentists are cut out to be family dentists, and that’s okay. A good family dentist is going to know how to talk to children, how to address both child-specific and adult-specific oral health problems, and how to continue that care regardless of age. 

It’s ideal for your entire family to stay with the same dental practice. This ensures that everyone builds a relationship with their dentist and feels more comfortable when it’s time for a dental visit. 

A family dentist will know how to care for your family in a way that makes them feel safe and comfortable. This will set them up for a future of good oral health and freedom from dental anxiety as they get older. 

2. Preventative Adult Care

While preventative care is crucial for children, you also want your dentist to have a wide range of preventative adult care available as well. This means that your entire family can see the same dentist and that your child won’t have to switch dentists as they get older (as long as they remain in the area). 

Preventative care is the most important facet of dental care. Prevention is the key to healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.

Your dentist should be happy to provide comprehensive checkups (twice per year) and address any concerns that you have before they become larger issues. 

You should be able to get dental cleanings (either standard ones or dental scaling) so you can keep your teeth and gums healthy. 

Most dentists are well-versed in preventative care, but some dentists may focus on children alone rather than on a wide range of ages. Make sure that your new family dentist knows how to protect every mouth. 

3. General Restorative Care

Restorative care should also be available at a family dentist’s office. 

Restorative care is the second most important facet of a dentist’s job. Cavities, broken teeth, root canals, and other kinds of damage as so common that every dentist should have expertise in general restoration. 

Restorative care includes filling cavities, doing root canal procedures, fixing broken teeth (if possible), and working together to improve gum health. 

A good family dentist knows how to make restorative care easy, non-threatening, and understandable to the average person. 

4. Professional Orthodontic Work

Not all dentists offer orthodontic work, and that’s actually a good thing. Most family dentists, even if they’re qualified to offer Invisalign (or other clear aligner systems), aren’t as well-trained in orthodontic issues as orthodontists. 

Teeth-straightening from a dentist is often more cosmetic than functional, even if it’s multipurpose. 

You want a family dentist that works alongside an orthodontic specialist. They can offer clear aligners or braces and you know that someone who’s an expert in the field is there to offer advice and recommendations on treatment. 

Most people aren’t blessed with straight teeth. Having a family dentist that offers orthodontic work means that when it comes time for you or your child to get braces, you don’t have to see a new provider. Checkups are easy and you don’t have to transfer any records. 

A straight smile and a good bite are both parts of your dental health, so having a dentist work together with an orthodontic specialist is the perfect combination. 

5. Cosmetic Work

While orthodontia is sometimes considered cosmetic, there are other cosmetic services that a good family dentist should offer. This way, you don’t have to seek out someone else who may not know your dental history. 

Cosmetic work can include whitening, veneers, implants, and anything else that makes your smile sparkle that may not be medically necessary. 

With that in mind, some forms of cosmetic dentistry do often still offer health benefits. 

6. Reconstruction and Surgery

Sometimes dental emergencies happen. You shouldn’t have to blindly seek out a new dentist when it happens to you. 

Serious reconstruction and oral surgery are scary. You want a dentist that’s well-versed in taking care of all oral problems, no matter how large. 

Full-mouth reconstruction is great for people facing serious dental issues who still want to protect the integrity of their remaining teeth. Depending on your situation, your dentist should be able to recommend the best option. 

Tooth implants, while often cosmetic, can also be a factor in reconstruction. 

You also want to be prepared in the event of necessary oral surgery. Wisdom tooth removal is common, and complex removals are surgical issues. You also want to know that if you discover that you have gum disease, your family dentist is prepared to do any required surgery to help. 

Find the Family Dentist That’s Right for You

You want your family dentist to offer all of the services that you can possibly need. This will keep you and your family comfortable and make taking care of your oral health a breeze. 

These services are all crucial for any family dentist. A good dentist’s office has a team of professionals who all help each other, making this collection of services accessible in one location. 

Are you looking for the family dentist in Lakewood, CO, that’s your perfect fit? We want to meet you! Contact us with any questions or to set up an appointment today!